Lancaster Innocent Spouse Relief Lawyers

Helping Clients Avoid Collection On Their Spouses' Tax Debts

If you have been left solely or jointly responsible for an IRS tax debt due to the actions of your spouse, ex-spouse or deceased spouse, you may be legally eligible for innocent spouse relief. An experienced lawyer can advise you on whether you are eligible and, if so, help you apply.

At Spencer Law Firm LLC, based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, our attorneys help eligible clients pursue innocent spouse relief.

Selecting The Right Type Of Relief For Your Circumstances

If you filed a joint tax return with your spouse and erroneous statements on that return resulted in a tax debt, you will be held personally liable for that debt unless you pursue and obtain relief from the IRS. This is typically referred to as innocent spouse relief, even though that term technically only applies to one of three different types of relief. The three types are:

  • Innocent spouse relief: This may be available if you did not know and could not have known of an erroneous statement on your tax return attributable to your spouse.
  • Separation of liability relief: This may be available if you have been divorced, separated or widowed for more than one year and the tax debt was attributable to your spouse.
  • Equitable relief: This may be available if you are not eligible for either of the other types of relief, but it would nevertheless be fair and equitable for the IRS to grant you relief.

Our firm can help you select the right approach for your case, apply for relief, and appeal your case to the U.S. Tax Court if your application is denied. To discuss how we can assist you, please contact us at 717.207.7935 or by email to schedule a consultation.