Expert Witness For Fiduciary Surcharge Cases

Providing Expert Testimony In Trust And Estate Litigation

In any matter in which the remedy of surcharge is being sought against a trust or estate fiduciary, the finder of fact will need to determine whether the fiduciary breached a duty to the principal. Making this finding will require an understanding of issues beyond the expertise of the average person. As a result, the involvement of an expert witness will generally be beneficial.

At Spencer Law Firm LLC, we offer the services of attorney Patti S. Spencer as an expert witness in fiduciary surcharge matters. Ms. Spencer is frequently called upon to provide expert testimony on behalf of both fiduciaries and parties making surcharge claims against fiduciaries.

Offering Insight Backed By Extensive And Varied Experience

As a Pennsylvania trust and estate lawyer with more than 30 years of experience and a former manager of the trust department of a major regional bank, Ms. Spencer is uniquely qualified to provide expert testimony on the legal and practical considerations surrounding the fiduciary duties of executors, administrators, trustees, and agents under powers of attorney.

These fiduciaries are generally responsible for prudently managing the assets under their control, abiding by the terms of the documents vesting them with their authority, and remaining loyal while avoiding conflicts of interest. Ms. Spencer draws on her experience as an attorney, author, educator, manager and consultant to offer insight into these issues.

To schedule a consultation to discuss retaining Ms. Spencer’s services in a fiduciary surcharge matter, please contact us at our office in Lancaster at 717-394-1131 or by email.