Services For Accountants

Pennsylvania Estate Law Attorney Serving Accountants

One of the many services Spencer Law Firm LLC offers to professionals is legal support to accountants. Accounting and estate matters often go hand in hand. Enriching the services you offer clients by providing a legal means of moving financial plans forward can help bring your business to the next level and grow your client base.

Contact SLF in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to discuss this compelling option for your accounting business. SLF primarily assists clients in Pennsylvania, but offers federal estate tax legal assistance to professionals across the nation.

Providing Legal Support to Implement Tax Strategies

As your client’s most trusted accounting advisor, the business owners and high net worth individuals you serve look to you to help them make and implement critical decisions about their financial plans. In protecting their financial future, you know the tax strategies that will help clients capitalize on their investments and avoid heavy tax burdens. SLF can serve as your legal partner. We provide accounting professionals with the legal services that will enable you to deliver a full service offering of document preparation, implementation of estate plans and legal advice.

Succession Planning

Accountants serving clients who own closely held businesses often face critical problems when the issue of business succession arises: the personal and psychological problems concurrent with letting go of a business must be dealt with simultaneously with complex legal and tax strategies for the continuation of that business. Patti Spencer has worked with accountants to help clients plan for a business succession through:

  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Gifting
  • Corporate reorganizations
  • GRAT (Grantor retained annuity trust)
  • Family partnerships
  • Insurance planning
  • ILIT (Irrevocable life insurance trusts)
  • Taking advantage of valuation discounts

Let SLF help you implement financial plans for your clients and provide them with a higher level of expertise. Contact the firm today for more information. Call 717-394-1131.