Month: June 2010

Savings Bonds – Part 2 Purchase and Ownership

Savings Bonds are registered securities. They cannot be sold to anyone other than the U.S. Treasury and its agent banks. They are not marketable. Some of the consequences that follow from this status is that they can’t be used a collateral for a loan and they can’t be given to anyone without re-registering them. Savings… Read More

Income Taxation of Savings Bonds

U.S. Savings Bonds were created to finance World War I. They were originally called Liberty Bonds. Because U.S. Savings Bonds are issued by the federal government, you do not have to pay state tax or local tax on the interest. Two types of savings bonds that are still available are Series EE and Series I… Read More

Please Vote – Every Day until June 30

One of my favorite charities, Lancaster Yeshiva Center, is competing in the Pepsi Refresh Project – they need votes! Please vote for their idea to renovate an uninhabitable city home while training vocational students: click here to vote