Mediation in Trusts and Estates Disputes

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In addition to acting as an expert witness and providing estate planning and administration services, I am also a mediator. I offer mediation services at my regular hourly rate (payable equally by the parties), as a (hopefully) quicker, less expensive alternative to full-fledged litigation. Here is some more information about mediation: Why not mediate trust… Read More

Probate for Timeshares

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Did you “stop renting a room” and “buy the hotel”? Many folks have purchased timeshares – which are a form of ownership or a right to the use of property – often of resort properties. Multiple parties own a single unit, and each person is allotted a period of time, for example, one week, in… Read More

What Is Probate?

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“Probate” is much maligned. To hear some folks talk, having your estate subject to probate is worse than dying. What is all the fuss about?  Probate is a title proceeding. If a person dies owning property, the question arises “Who is the next rightful owner?”. Probate is the procedure by which the ownership is determined.… Read More