Limits and Tax Treatment of Political Contributions

Limits and Tax Treatment - Patti Spencer

Are My Political Contributions Limited? Can I Deduct Them On My Taxes? Campaigns and Parties. Contributions to political parties and campaigns, generally, must be disclosed to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) which publishes the information. Contribution amounts are often limited, and the contributions are not tax-deductible. For example, contributions by individuals of more than $200… Read More

What Happens in Case of Return of the Legally Dead?

The reappearance of Brenda Heist last week after being declared legally dead has brought me all sorts of questions. The Pennsylvania Statute that governs the property of absentees and persons presumed dead is at 50 Pa. Cons. Stat. §§ 5701 through 5706. Generally, if a person disappears and is absent from his place of residence… Read More