Month: November 2012

Planning for Another Marriage Later in Life

As the life expectancy of people in the United States increases, there are more second and third marriages. Widows and widowers are increasingly likely to meet and decide that another marriage is a wonderful way to spend their remaining years. It is often a surprise to the children that Mom and Dad have lives of… Read More

The Top Ten Money Excuses

Thank you to Peterson Hastings for posting this article by Jim Parker, Vice President, DFA Australia Limited: “Human beings have an astounding facility for self-deception when it comes to our own money. We tend to rationalize our own fears. So instead of just recognizing how we feel and reflecting on the thoughts that creates, we cut… Read More

Medicare to End Practice of Requiring Patients to Show Progress to Receive Nursing Coverage

Thank you to Elder Law Answers for this report: In a major change in Medicare policy, the Obama administration has provisionally agreed to end Medicare’s longstanding practice of requiring that beneficiaries with chronic conditions and disabilities show a likelihood of improvement in order to receive coverage of skilled care and therapy services. The policy shift… Read More

New $14,000 Gift Tax Annual Exclusion and Other Inflation Adjustments

By law, a number of tax provisions must be adjusted annually to keep pace with inflation. Before these numbers were adjusted for inflation, taxpayers automatically fell into higher tax brackets as their income rose with the cost of living. This was a stealth tax increase. Those taxpayers were paying more tax on the same “purchasing… Read More