Month: August 2014

Wills of the First Three Presidents – Part 3

(Part Three of Three) John and Abigail Adams struggled to live within their means for most of their lives. Public service drained their resources because the President was not paid enough in salary and expenses to cover all the receptions at the President’s house, be it in Philadelphia or Washington. However, they did purchase lots… Read More

Wills of the First Three Presidents – Part 2

(Part Two of Three) Didn’t mean to leave you hanging! Here’s where we left off… The Washington’s could truly have used a pre-nuptial agreement, but with one exception, their wills were honored and both branches of the family were treated in proportion to the assets of both parties. George wrote his will himself, taking 42… Read More

Wills of the First Three Presidents – Part 1

(Part One of Three) Barring fill-in-the-blank type wills, no two are alike. The family situations of our first three presidents, the value of their estates, and their insistence on writing their own wills produced three quite diverse estate plans. In Washington’s case, Martha entered the marriage a widow with two children and a large inheritance… Read More

Updating Your Estate

Many people hesitate to make estate plans. Some are overwhelmed by the process and do not know where to begin. Others do not want to think about death and avoid the task. Once people do manage to complete their estate plans, many believe that they can cross it off their “To Do” lists and never… Read More