Closely Held Business Planning

Pennsylvania Estate Law Attorney – Business Succession Plans

Successfully passing on a business between generations and maintaining its economic health requires careful planning.

Spencer Law Firm LLC in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, offers estate planning strategies designed to promote the continued health of family businesses. Contact the firm today to find out more information.

Providing Consulting Services to In-House Counsel

Most people who own and operate a significant business often have in-house counsel or a law firm to address their business legal needs. Patti Spencer works as a consultant to in-house lawyers and accountants to address business structures and entity designations that affect succession plans.

Maintaining and Strengthening Your Business Investment

SLF provides effective estate planning strategies and uses professional managers and counselors to help ensure a smooth transition of businesses from generation to generation. The firm guides clients in making important designations that engender fiscal responsibility and minimize family rivalry.

Addressing Family Issues in Business Succession

Patti Spencer has worked with numerous closely held businesses to develop effective succession plans and offers insight into the difficult family issues of letting go and dividing the business among children. The firm offers several compelling choices regarding inheritance planning — strategies that are tailored to specific family dynamics. SLF works with business valuation experts to justify valuation discounts from fair market value.

For more information on business succession plans for closely held businesses, contact SLF today.