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Amateur Efforts to Avoid Probate Can Be Disastrous

Since 1997 Pennsylvania law has permitted the registration of securities in “POD” or “TOD” form. POD means “pay on death” and TOD means “transfer on death.” Titling accounts POD or TOD permits the naming of a beneficiary on all sorts of investments. In the past only life insurance and pension plans had this option available.… Read More

The Fool’s Fooling Himself

The Thursday, March 31, Intelligencer/New Era carried The Motley Fool’s School article entitled “Probate 101.” I was appalled. I thought those guys were pretty smart. And I always liked the Shakespearean allusion to the Fool who could tell the truth to the King and Queen. But what happened? Probate is not the horror it is… Read More

Mediation in Trusts and Estates Disputes

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In addition to acting as an expert witness and providing estate planning and administration services, I am also a mediator. I offer mediation services at my regular hourly rate (payable equally by the parties), as a (hopefully) quicker, less expensive alternative to full-fledged litigation. Here is some more information about mediation: Why not mediate trust… Read More

Probate for Timeshares

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Did you “stop renting a room” and “buy the hotel”? Many folks have purchased timeshares – which are a form of ownership or a right to the use of property – often of resort properties. Multiple parties own a single unit, and each person is allotted a period of time, for example, one week, in… Read More

What Is Probate?

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“Probate” is much maligned. To hear some folks talk, having your estate subject to probate is worse than dying. What is all the fuss about?  Probate is a title proceeding. If a person dies owning property, the question arises “Who is the next rightful owner?”. Probate is the procedure by which the ownership is determined.… Read More