How to Make This Blog on PA Trusts and Estates More Useful to You

Thank you to Grant Griffiths for his suggestion for this post.

We appreciate your visits to Pennsylvania Trusts and Estates. While many of you are stopping by to read the new post we have published, you may be missing out on what else we have to offer.

1. Don’t forget about the search box

If you look in the lower left column of the blog page you will see our search box. You can use this to find posts we have done in the past. If there is a particular topic you are looking for, type in your search request.

2. Subscribe by either email or RSS feed

As our readership continues to grow, so does the number of subscribers to our RSS feed and/or email feed. You can find our subscription options on the left side of the blog page also.

I encourage our readers to use RSS if they want. If you click on this link, you will get a video explaining RSS in plain english which is posted on the common craft site.

3. “Taxing Matters” columns

I write a weekly column called “Taxing Matters” which is published every Monday morning in the Business Section of the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal. If you missed it in the newspaper you can see the column on the Publications page of the Spencer Law Firm website.

If you have an idea for a column, please pass it on to

4. If you have a topic you would like me to post on, please tell me

I want our readers to tell me if there is a topic or a particular question they may have which they would like me to post on. I spend a lot of time considering what to post on and I do have a file folder on my desktop full of ideas. However, what makes a blog so great is when its readers and the blogger develop a community whereby the readers get involved in what is being talked about. You can leave a comment on any blog post asking me to expand on it or to write a post on a different topic. You are also always encouraged to drop me an email at and let me know what you would like to see on Pennsylvania Fiduciary Litigation.

5. Please ask if you would like to guest post

I love it when I get someone who wants to guest post on Pennsylvania Trusts and Estates Blog. Not only does it give me a break from doing the writing, it gives our readers a different take and voice on the subject of fiduciary litigation. Please drop me an email at if you would like to guest post on Pennsylvania Trusts and Estates Blog.

6. Connecting with me, Patti Spencer

You can always reach me by e-mail at If you would like to follow me in the other social media tools I use, you can find me on Linked In at:

You can find me on Twitter at:

I am active on Twitter and enjoy the interaction and conversations I have with those I follow and who follow me. I also post on twitter when we put up a new post here. Twitter is a great way for you to interact and learn from those you follow and who follow you.

7. Please feel free to distribute our post to others

If you ever feel someone would benefit from reading what we offer and if they are not subscribed to the blog, please feel free to give them a copy. I hereby give you permission to redistribute the text of any post from Pennsylvania Trusts and Estates Blog as you want. I only ask that you give us proper credit and a link back to Pennsylvania Trust and Estates Blog.