Month: November 2009

The Tax Ramifications of Getting Married

So you’re getting married? Did you invite the IRS to the wedding? On the list of things to do from hiring the hall, choosing the caterer, and mailing the invitations, don’t forget a visit to your tax advisor. The first thing you will learn about is the marriage penalty. The marriage penalty is a holdover… Read More

American Opportunity Tax Credit

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, enacted in February 2009, included among its provisions a new education credit, The American Opportunity Tax Credit. As it was originally proposed by President Obama, the Act would have provided a $4,000 credit in exchange for 100 hours of community service. That didn’t make it to the… Read More

What’s So Great About Florida?

The income tax, property tax, estate tax and asset protection planning advantages of Florida domicile make Florida the ideal place to live, whether you are still working or are retired. Florida obviously wants to be considered a tax-favorable haven for its residents and wants to attract new residents – both retirees and working people. Florida’s… Read More

Don’t Try Writing Your Will at Home

Writing your will is not a do-it-yourself project. Words are important. The words that are not in your will can be as important as those that are. That is one of the reasons you should not try to write your own will. Even pre-printed forms and computer programs can lead to problems. Take the case… Read More

Mediation in Trusts and Estates Disputes

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In addition to acting as an expert witness and providing estate planning and administration services, I am also a mediator. I offer mediation services at my regular hourly rate (payable equally by the parties), as a (hopefully) quicker, less expensive alternative to full-fledged litigation. Here is some more information about mediation: Why not mediate trust… Read More