Planning and Managing the Virtual Part of Your Estate, Part III

One of my favorite readers told me about a great software program for organizing your passwords and other confidential information and keeping them secure. It’s called Password Plus from DataViz, Inc. and it is available for iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, and Windows and Mac computers. Each user gets a free Samepage account which gives space on a cloud service that allows you to see the same data on all devices.

All of your secure information is accessed with a single master password with 256-bit encryption. You can store and protect usernames, passwords, PINs, account numbers, combinations, and a myriad of other pieces of sensitive information that should be kept confidential and protected from security risks.

You can also print out your information. This could be a very good way to produce a list to be kept with your will in your safe deposit box.

There are other solutions you might want to take a look at: LastPass, 1 Password and Password Safe. Password Safe keeps all the data on your own computer, so if having information in the cloud makes you feel anxious, that can be avoided.

Until next week,
Patti Spencer