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One Fiscal Cliff-hanger is Over

They call it the American Taxpayer Relief Act. Funny, that. Overall it produces tax increases – that’s relief? Early January 1, 2013, the Senate, by a vote of 89-8, passed the “American Taxpayer Relief Act”. Late on that same day- after the government had technically gone over the “fiscal cliff” – the House of Representatives,… Read More

The Fool’s Fooling Himself

The Thursday, March 31, Intelligencer/New Era carried The Motley Fool’s School article entitled “Probate 101.” I was appalled. I thought those guys were pretty smart. And I always liked the Shakespearean allusion to the Fool who could tell the truth to the King and Queen. But what happened? Probate is not the horror it is… Read More

What Does a Surviving Spouse Inherit?

The question of what a surviving spouse inherits from a deceased spouse is a complicated one. The answer is the typical lawyer’s response, “It depends.” Some scenarios can help to illustrate the issues. To keep the examples simple, I am going to assume that the husband dies before the wife – forgive me, all you… Read More

Who gets your Property if you Die Without A Will?

A person who dies without a will dies intestate. Each state has a statute that specifies to whom the decedent’s property is distributed if there is no will. You can check out who would receive your property if you die without a will at Intestacy Calculators TM. This site and the calculators it contains were… Read More