Who gets your Property if you Die Without A Will?

A person who dies without a will dies intestate. Each state has a statute that specifies to whom the decedent’s property is distributed if there is no will.

You can check out who would receive your property if you die without a will at Intestacy Calculators TM. This site and the calculators it contains were created by Pennsylvania estate planning attorney Kurt R. Nilson, Esq.

The intestacy statute applies to probate property, that is, property in the decedent’s name alone. Joint property passes to the surviving joint owner at the moment of death. Life insurance, retirement plans, and other assets that have a beneficiary designation pass to the named beneficiary. The will, if there is one, or the intestacy statute if there is no will, operates on the property that was in the decedent’s name alone.

Thank you to Kurt R. Nilson for putting together such a useful tool.