Month: September 2008

What Does Divorce Do to Your Estate Plan?

According to census bureau statistics, nearly half of married couples will at some time go through a divorce. If you are going through the divorce process, you’ve got a lot of company. So, do you need a new will? What does the process of divorce do to your estate plan? You need to remember that… Read More

National Estate Planning Awareness Week

Thank you to Neil Hendershot and his blog for drawing attention to National Estate Planning Awareness Week.  I had no idea the statistics were this bad: “a 2004 survey from finding that: 58 percent of Americans lack a basic will, generally considered to be the first document in an individual’s estate plan. In addition,… Read More

A Guide for the Surviving Spouse

In addition to grief, loss, and loneliness, widows and widowers are faced with many practical problems. There are arrangements to be made, financial matters to deal with, and children to care for, just to name a few. The death of a spouse is a time when the surviving spouse will need love and support. The… Read More