Month: November 2008

Talking Turkey About Death

Check out Turkey, Football, and End-of-Life Desires at Wills, Trusts and Estates Prof Blog which discusses Engage with Grace and the one slide project to make sure your loved ones express their wishes about terminal care:

Thanksgiving Dinner and Your Estate Plan

The family will be together. Its a great time to talk about your estate plan. Some families talk about estate distribution all the time. Some families never breathe a word about it. Here are some thoughts for you to consider: Should your estate plan remain private while you are alive? It’s nobody’s business but yours,… Read More

Deductibility of Estate Planning Legal Fees

See Greg Herman-Giddens’ post on the North Carolina Estate Planning Blog: Deductibility of Estate Planning Legal Fees which sets forth the general rule that all legal fees for estate planning are not deductible for income tax purposes. They are only deducible to the extent that they represent tax advice (that is fess in connection with… Read More

Separation and Your Estate Plan

“The difference between divorce and legal separation is that legal separation gives a husband time to hide his money.” Johnny Carson In Pennsylvania, there is no such thing as legal separation for spouses. People are either married or single. Rights created by marriage can only be changed by divorce. This is not to say, of… Read More

Black Eye for Dauphin County

County makes Mistake in Child Support Case but Man still Pays In 2001, Walter Andre Sharpe Jr. received a certified letter from Dauphin County Domestic Relations about unpaid child support payments. The letter claimed he had not paid support for an 11-year-old daughter he had in Harrisburg, PA. Sharpe ignored the letter because he knew… Read More

Safe Deposit Boxes – How safe are they?

 A safe deposit box is a metal box, usually housed in a private area in a bank. There are two locks on each box. When you rent a safe deposit box, you receive one or two keys to one of the locks The bank keeps the key to the second. The keys to both locks are… Read More

Diamond Cremains?

Here is a new one on me: A new choice – not just interment or cremation. Do you want to wear your loved one in a ring on your finger? A diamond can be made from the cremains. Check this out: click here 1 carat for $19,999 Or for the lower budget option: Cremation jewelry.… Read More

Policy Locator Service

Lots of people have old life insurance policies that get lost.  Who gets the money?  No one.  The insurance company keeps it.  (Actually I think they are supposed to escheat but how do they know the insured is dead if no claim is made?  And wouldn’t it be kind of scurvy to know the insured… Read More