Month: May 2011

You’re Getting Married – Now What?

Are you changing your name? Don’t think we’re only talking about the wife – some states allow men to adopt their wife’s last name, and some states permit civil union partners to change their names. Federal agencies generally don’t recognize name changes for men after marriage which means the man would need to go through… Read More

10 Common Estate Planning Mistakes

1. Procrastinating. When are you going to make an estate plan? Let me guess. You call your lawyer on Monday when you’re leaving for vacation on Saturday (a trip planned months ago) and want a will before you go. Or worse, you wait until you are in hospice and decide perhaps you’d best make a… Read More

Joint Accounts – Yours, mine and Ours

What does it mean if your name is on someone else’s bank account? It depends. For all deposit accounts, the rights of the parties to a multiple party account are determined under the Pennsylvania Multiple-Party Account Act. A joint account is one that is payable on request to one or more parties whether or not… Read More