Month: July 2014

What To Keep and What to Throw Away – Part 2

(Part Two of Two) Your patience has paid off — this week you get to learn what documentation should be kept indefinitely or permanently. Should you have further questions about what to keep or purge, don’t hesitate to continue the conversation @PattiSpencer via Twitter. Keep Indefinitely Documents that establish income tax basis for assets should… Read More

What To Keep and What to Throw Away – Part 1

(Part One of Two) Have you ever seen the A&E TV show called “Hoarders”? Or perhaps “American Pickers”? It’s a fascinating (OK, frightening) look inside the lives of people whose inability to part with their belongings is so out of control that they are either on the verge of a personal crisis or are living… Read More

New Power of Attorney Law in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has made broad changes to the law governing powers of attorney. The bill in which these changes were proposed, H.B. 1429, was unanimously passed by the Pennsylvania House and Senate and signed by the Governor on July 2, becoming Act 95 of 2014. Most of the new law’s provisions are effective January 1, 2015.… Read More

Home Ownership vs. Renting

The American Dream since WWII has been home ownership, with visions of backyards and white picket fences. As you look around today, though, you will see more and more families renting, still seeing foreclosures in ample supply since the recession. Is it really a good idea to buy? In the 1930’s a typical down payment… Read More